About Edward Matevosyan

Edward Matevosyan was born in 1951 in Yerevan, Armenia. In 1971, he graduated from Terlemejyan Artistic College. In 1980, Edward graduated from Abovyan Arts Academy as well to gain more experience. Matevosyan is a member of the Artists Union of the Armenian Republic, he is also a member of the International Association of Arts of UNESCO. Many Matevosyan’s canvases are in the private collections in different countries such as: USA, France, Germany, Syria, Australia, Canada, Croatia and many others…

Having moved to America Edward Matevosyan did not cease to paint, did not betray the creative principles, which he followed living in Armenia in Soviet times. It stands to reason, that switch in Edward’s life should tell upon his world outlook, which is always being affected by the external conditions. Other nature, other mode of life, alien environment, another type of human relations, etc. – all this makes any artist, who found himself in another country, to search for a new “language” for expressing his new, unknown feelings and impressions, for new ways of being in touch with the onlookers. For Edward Matevosyan, however, this “trial” brought to consolidation of his former creative system, based on the expression of the state of the placid concentration, tagging at the inner balance of his emotions, which does not allow him to fall into perplexity, doubt and uncertainty. Edward Matevosyan’s world outlook remained steady and firm.

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Participation in Individual & Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibition          Los Angeles, USA     –     2010

Group Exhibition          Yerevan, Armenia     –     2007

Solo Exhibition          Los Angeles, USA     –     April of 2002

Solo Exhibition          Zagreb, Croatia     –     December 1998

Solo Exhibition          Zagreb, Croatia     –     October 1998

Group Exhibition          Uim, Germany     –     August 1996

Group Exhibition          Nizza, France     –     1992-1993

Group Exhibition     “Road of History”          Yerevan, Armenia     –     1990

Group Exhibition          Boston, USA     –     1989

All Union Group Exhibition          Moscow, USSR     –     1988

Republic Exhibition          Yerevan, Armenia     –     1987

Group Exhibition          Moscow, USSR     –     1985

All Union Exhibition          Moscow, USSR     1982

Exhibition Dedicated to Armenian Genocide          Yerevan, Armenia     –     1980

Republic Youth Exhibition          Yerevan, Armenia     –     1978

All Union Exhibition     “Gold Autumn”          Yerevan, Armenia     –     1972

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